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Wireless Antenna Mounts

pringles cantenna in a truck
Above— Mobile with a pringles cantennna. Scroll down to see more parts.

Hose Clamp Tripod Mount
Below left— Older pistol grip with x 20 threaded stud was rescued from a spare parts box. The inch threaded nut of the hose clamp tripod mount, pictured below, is compatible with standard camera tripods.

Below right— New multifunction table top tripod available for under ten dollars easily converts to a pistol grip.

pistol grip Adorama 'Gripper' Table Tripod
hose clamp  x 20 threaded nut
Above— Hose clamp & x20 threaded nut, epoxied.
A pringles cantenna, coffee can antenna or other cylindrical microwave antenna can be attached to a camera tripod or pistol grip for stabililty by fashioning the simple hose clamp mount pictured above.
Gorillapod tripod uses its 30 adjustable joints to grip anything it can wrap its legs around to provide a steady and secure platform for you wireless device. It's lightweight and compact and has bendable, wrappable, grippy legs. Comes with a universal 1/4"-20 screw mount.

Window mounts, Nikon Car Window Mount, Pro-Optic Car Window Mount, Bushnell 78-4405 Car Window Mount, will allow a directional antenna, any spotting scope, camera or tripod-adaptable binocular to be mounted on a car or truck window.

See an example of a tripod supporting a beer cantenna (scroll down to view) that was probably more fun to make than effective to use. smile
And this crutch tripod that would support a very large antenna.

If using an omnidirectional antenna, the important thing is ensure the whip extends above the roof line of the vehicle. At this height the antenna is free from any vehicular obstruction. The will prevent the car from blocking, distorting or shading the signal of the antenna. The roof also acts as a ground plane for the antenna and actually becomes part of the antenna's electrical system.

For something taller, see the portable PVC conduit antenna mast.

The DIY cell phone tripod uses an angle brace, neoprene washers, threaded rod, mending bracket, some cable ties or jb weld, a belt clip and wing nuts.

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Revised: 07/18/2011