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Do you have any advice that can help me boost my signal from a top floor router down to a computer located in the basement?

Place your router centrally and as high as possible. Minimize any and all rf interference.

One thing to keep in mind is the polarization property. An antenna must be oriented to match the polarization (electric and magnetic fields that combine to make an electromagnetic wave) of the incoming energy, or it will only receive a small portion of it. Polarization is the orientation of wireless signal relative to the earth. It can be vertical, horizontal, circular or combinations of these. In WiFi networks most signals are vertically polarized. Two antennas with matching polarization will operate more effectively. Simply stated, this means try re-aligning or changing the orientation (direction) of the antennas.

The coffee can antenna (waveguide) is a directional antenna. Build one, attach it to the router and point it vertically (up and down) towards the basement. In contrast, the omnidirectional antennas that came with the router are designed for the horizontal (side to side) plane. You may want to try mounting a vertical omnidirectional antenna upside-down on the ceiling of the upstairs room.

You can use an access point as a booster by hooking it up in the basement directly below the router upstairs and rebroadcasting the router's signal with renewed strength to the basement computer.

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Revised: 01/22/2007