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How do I block cell phone signals?

Create a circle of silence around yourself!

  • Cellock-brand time-proven build quality and reliability
  • Creates enough interference to block all cell phone signals around you (GSM 930Mhz~960Mhz/CDMA 870Mhz~880Mhz/DCS 1805Mhz~1920Mhz)
  • Fully metal construction - creates a solid and techie feel
  • Creates a 0.5M ~ 15M (about 2 to 40 feet) radius of cell phone signal black out area
  • Built-in 1500mAh battery lasts 3 to 4 hours, also works and charges on AC and Car 12V power with including adaptors
  • Light (6oz) weight, fits-in-a-pocket size

Perfect for the following senarios:

  • Class rooms and small seminar halls
  • Meeting rooms and board rooms
  • Private offices
  • Bus and vehicles (imagine how you can finally have a good undisturbed nap)
  • VIP and privacy-sensitive senarios

Get your own personal cell phone signal blocker!

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Revised: 10/23/2013