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Is there an inexpensive solution for weak indoor cell phone reception?

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The zBoost is the least expensive signal repeater I could find. The Wi-Ex zBoost cell zone signal booster is a new product that improves indoor cell phone coverage. zBoost captures the wireless signal outside, brings it inside and enhances, or boosts it - extending a cell zone in your home or office or your car. This cell phone booster will increase your signal strength by one or two bars. If your home or office has weak cell phone coverage, this booster can make a difference. This device picks up the signal from a small antenna and relays it via a cable to a book-size station where you want the signal. Using this in my studio I can now get two bars where before I had none.

If you have no bars outside, there is no signal to amplify, so you will still have none inside. Also, the antenna and relay station need to be separated by a wall or ceiling or several rooms so that you do not simply create a feedback loop where the antenna is recirculating the stations emissions, creating a useless squelch. Lastly, the radius of boosted signal is small. It can serve a large room, or maybe a few small rooms.

Finding the optimal location for the antenna takes some effort. Placement makes a huge difference; it's worth trying a variety of positions. Sometimes attics and corners of rooms will work, and sometimes near windows are not better. There's a 50-foot interconnecting white coaxial cable which should be long enough.

If the local cell phone company won't boost the signal in your neighborhood, the zBoost may be the solution you've been looking for.

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Revised: 10/23/2013