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Cool Tools


Every do-it-yourselfer needs some basic tools to work with. These inexpensive tools won't make you dig too deep into your wallet. RadioShack is a good place to start. See it, like it, buy it.

  • Under $10 USD
  • Kronus Automatic Wire Stripper Clamps the wire, makes an incision into the insulation without cutting the copper underneath, and removes the insulation, all in a single action.
  • helping hands Alligator clip vise with weighted base and magnifying glass
  • 25 watt soldering iron
  • Gorilla Tape - extra sticky duct tape that is stronger, waterproof, less prone to peeling and you can use it on rough surfaces where duct tape won't stick.
  • wire cutters & long-nosed pliers (Hardware Store)
  • hacksaw & mini tubing cutter (Hardware Store)

A few dollars more.


Length Converter

Convert different units of length. Enter the number you want to convert in the text box on the left. Choose the unit from the drop down menu above the text box. Then choose the unit you want it converted to in the drop down menu on the right. Finally just click the button marked ">>" to see the result in the text box on the right.

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Revised: 07/18/2011