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What is the ExpressCard?

The Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) develops standards for personal computer cards.

The PC Card Standard is closed to further development and PCMCIA strongly encourages future product designs to utilize the ExpressCard interface.

ExpressCard technology is designed to deliver high-performance, modular expansion to both desktop and notebook computers at a lower cost and in a smaller form factor. Users are able to add memory, wired and wireless communications, multimedia and security features by inserting ExpressCard modules into compliant systems. At roughly half the size and lighter than today's PC Card, ExpressCard products also leverage the proven advantages of PC Card technology, including reliability, durability and expansion flexibility while offering improved performance.

ExpressCard Advantages:

  • A Smaller and Faster PC Card Solution
  • Suitable for Mobile and Desktop Systems
  • Supports USB 2.0 and PCI Express Applications
  • Lower System and Card Complexity


Adapters are available to connect the latest generation of ExpressCard notebook computers with existing PC cards. There are USB to PC card adapters available as well. Adapters (pdf) can be pricey and/or hard to find, so it's best if your card connects directly to your device.

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Revised: 08/29/2007