Hawking Hi-Gain Antennas

Wireless G USB Network Adapter

Hawking Antenna

  • Wireless G USB Network Adapter for your desktop or laptop PC
  • Connect your computer easily to any Wireless-B or Wireless-G network via a USB connection
  • High-speed transfer data rate - up to 54Mbps
Hawking Wireless G USB Network Adapter

Hi-Powered USB Wireless-G Adapter

Hawking Antenna

  • Hi-Powered USB Wireless-G adapter for your desktop or laptop PC
  • 8dBi Directional Dish antenna provides more distance and better speeds than other wireless adapters
  • Award-winning Hi-Gain Antenna technology extends wireless connection distances by up to 300%
Hawking USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter

Concentrate Wi-Fi Beam for
Increased Range & Power

Directional 6DB

Put Your Entire Backyard on
Your Wireless Network

Hi-Gain Outdoor Antenna

Get Amazing Wi-Fi Reception in
Large Rooms

Hi-Gain 15DBi Corner Antenna

Dial in Wi-Fi Sources Blocks Away
w/ Outdoor Beam Antenna

14DBi Outdoor Antenna Kit

Powered Signal Booster can
Increase Wi-Fi Range 600%

Hi-Gain Wifi Signal Booster

Flip-up Swivel Directional 6 dBi
Hi-Gain Antenna

Hi-Gain Wireless-g PC Card

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