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I really like the site. I'm an idiot about this stuff, so it was very informative, which brings me to my question: I have a laptop with integrated wireless, but it seems all the antennas attach to the pc cards. Is there some type of antenna that will work with the internal wireless?

Unless a laptop with integrated wireless had a built in external antenna jack (none exist that we are aware of), you need to consider getting a USB wireless adapter with an external antenna port. Having the external antenna option is handy when you want to increase the range and coverage of your laptop.

This graphic show a USB WiFi Wireless LAN Adapter 802.11 b/g 54Mbps with an external antenna on a desktop computer. It works the same for a laptop as well.
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Older laptops with a type II/III PC card slot can use a wireless laptop card which is external 2.4GHz antenna ready to plug into the laptop's type II/III PC card slot. Make sure the card has a connector for an external 2.4GHz antenna.

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Revised: 03/21/2013