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Hi, just finished reading your article about the coffee can antenna. My question is how do you modify the wireless adapter card to accept the antenna. Any good directions or websites with pics?

Do you know how to solder and read circuit diagrams? Unless you really know what you are doing or have a spare card to experiment with, try finding a card with existing support for an external 2.4GHz antenna. Here's a Buffalo AirStation Turbo G High Power Wireless Notebook Adapter or look for wireless cards available on eBay.

Buffalo AirStation Turbo G High Power Wireless Notebook Adapter WLICBG54HP

Having said that, here are some examples of card mods:

Salvage a Linksys BEFW11S4 router for its WPC11 PCMCIA card, pigtails, and antennas.

You will find many of these wireless cards available on eBay.

For the convenience of not having to insert and remove a PC card, consider the 3Com-patented XJACK antenna design. It extends for excellent wireless LAN performance and retracts for safe transportóno need to remove the PC Card from the notebook.

Another "scrap" project is Tom's Networking article on adding a wireless mini-pci card ("harvest" the card from a product that uses one internally) to a notebook.

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