Cut The Cable, Ditch The Dish!

The Roku streaming player allows you to watch movies on your TV whenever you want to, via Netflix and other services, in DVD quality. It is a small device that sets up in a few minutes. If you have Wi-Fi in your household it will link up to that so you can put the box near your TV.

Knowing your home's hot spots can help you position your Roku in the best possible location. The mobile app Wi-Fi Analyzer turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi detector, helping you find the least crowded channel for your router and locate the areas in your home with the strongest signal strength.

For achieving such a complex task the Roku has a remarkably simple interface and no-fuss approach. We were watching a movie within ten minutes of opening the shipping box.

You use a palm sized remote control to control your Netflix queue on your TV. Movies are streamed (no waiting beyond a few seconds at the start) in unexpected big-screen TV quality. There is no noticeable stutter, lags, or hiccups.

The service is a pleasure to use. You manage your queue -- adding and re-ordering movies -- on your computer, and the Roku box automatically syncs up. Back at the TV you click through the instant choices, pick one, and in a few seconds the movie starts. You can pause, change movies, and resume the first where you left off.

Here's the kicker: you can watch as many movies (no ads) as you care to. There is no extra charge beyond the basic Netflix monthly. Ten movies a month or a hundred. Anytime. Why wait?

Roku's simple operation, overall convenience, and cheap price makes it a compelling option for Netflix subscribers looking for instant gratification.

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