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How Do I Password Protect My Wireless Basestation?

Password Protect Your LinkSys Basestation / Change the Default Password

  1. Connect to your wireless network.
  2. Open your Web browser and type in the Web address
  3. Press Enter key
  4. Type in the User Name for your network
  5. Type in the default Password
  6. Press OK button
  7. Select the Administration text link
  8. Type in a new password in the Router Password box, and then reenter it
  9. Click the Save Settings button
  10. Click the Continue button

Password Protect Your NETGEAR Basestation / Change the Default Password

  1. Connect to your wireless network.
  2. Open your Web browser and type in the Web address
  3. Press Enter
  4. The NETGEAR Prompt dialog opens
  5. Click the OK button
  6. Type in the user name and default password (it's probably "password")
  7. The Router Manager window will appear
  8. Under the header Maintenance, select the Set Password menu item
  9. Type in the old, default password (again, it's probably password). And then type in a new password -- twice.

Password Protect Your Apple AirPort Basestation / Change the Default Password

  1. Open your AirPort Admin Utility application (this program was installed from the CD-ROM when you set up the device
  2. Find your network's name and double-click it or press the Configure button on the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Here, our network name is Apple Airport Express
  4. Enter your password and click OK.
  5. The Configure "Apple Airport Express" Base Station should open. Click on the AirPort tab at the top.
  6. Again, you will see our network name, Apple Airport Express. Yours will be different.
  7. Click on Change Password... button.
  8. Type in a new password, then confirm it by re-typing it. Click Change.
  9. Finally, make sure to hit the update button to save the changes.

Can't remember the password to your WiFi base station?

If you keep getting rejected while entering passwords to access your WiFi settings, there are two options you can try:

First, try entering a factory, default password. This default password is the password assigned to it when it shipped. Here are a few common default passwords for popular brands:

  • Linksys Default Password: admin
  • NETGEAR Default Passwords: 1234 or password
  • Apple Airport Default Passwords: public or password or admin
  • DLink Default Password: admin
  • Belkin Default Password: admin

Second, if entering the default password didn't work, you'll have to manually reset your base station. This will reset the base station password to one of the default passwords above. The only problem is that it will reset all of your settings ncluding ISP settings and other security settings.

To do this go to your base station and look for a small hole on the side or back of the device it's the size of a pin hole. Once you've found it (make sure it's the reset button hole!), take a pencil or a pen and push the button in and hold it for several seconds. Check your user manual or the company's technical support Web site for the exact procedure. Apple base stations require that you hold the button for 10 seconds, Linksys requires 30 seconds. Make sure you check technical support before you try this.

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