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RV Parks, Campgrounds, Marinas and Truck Stops

RV Parks, campgrounds, marinas and truck stops are locations that you can use the infomation presented here to boost client side Wi-Fi signals. The difference is that unlike wardriving, users are allowed to access and use the wireless services provided at these locations. As more locations are offering offering 802.11 service, it is becoming more popular with truckers, RV drivers and anyone else on the go.

Make your own omnidirectional wifi antenna or get good quality commercial mag mount 2.4Ghz whip.

Orinoco Silver and Gold cards are more secure because they don't generate the "weak packets" necessary for programs like AirSnort to be able to crack them. They have a small jack for attaching an external antenna. Cheaper cards that use the well known Prism chipset are less secure and may not have the antenna jack.

Don't like an external antenna? This wireless notebook card with a built-in amplifier claims up to 70% more range and you can still add an external antenna if you change your mind. This card is highly regarded by wardrivers and they like to add a +7 dB magnetic omni-directional antenna with an integral 60" (1.5m) RG-316 pigtail (available on eBay ) that connects to the card's mc connector.

The Kyocera KR2 Mobile Router can't be beat for setting up a mobile hotspot on the road for business or pleasure.


The term wardriving was taken from the old days of wardialing. Wardialing was the practice of using a computer to repeatedly dial a number, usually to a modem pool, in an attempt to gain access. Shipley was first to automate wardriving with dedicated software and a GPS.

Wardrivers generally use a laptop with a wireless card, and scan the airwaves for installed access points. Access points broadcast their existance via SSID (service set identifier) and their signals be picked up from a moving car with a stumbling utility running on a laptop.

Turn Your Laptop Into a Personal Navigator

Sometimes, GPS devices are used to record the location of these signals. GPS devices make it possible for you to find your position--as well as that of other people, places, and things--with pinpoint accuracy. The Garmin GPS 18 Deluxe GPS Sensor is an inexpensive GPS device. The Garmin 18x USB GPS Navigator Unit will turn a laptop into a fully functional talking GPS navigation unit for your car, "auto GPS on the cheap". It will provide almost all the functions of a dedicated GPS unit: route finding for all North America, spoken directions, points of interest, even route recalculation when you take a wrong turn. A 175-Watt Inverter will provide sufficient power to your laptop.

  1. Plug in the Garmin GPS 18, and install the drivers and nRoute and City Select map software.
  2. Take it outside and run the nRoute software to let it find satellites. Turn off the Wide Area Augmentation System to speed up the process.
  3. Mount the Garmin receiver in your car, parallel to the ground. The windshield mount works fine, but running it out a window to the roof will yield better reception.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the software interface and hot keys. Enter a route. Drive.

See how to make your own annotated multimedia Google map and also how to calculate distance and bearing between two Latitude/Longitude points. Perform mobile GPS-referenced Google Map searches on your laptop with a GPS + Google Maps Mash-up in 42 lines of code.

Wardriving is not about breaking into wireless networks, or connecting to them at all. Disabling your TCP/IP stack while wardriving will allow you to wardrive safely by disabling your IP address. Without an IP address, you will not be connected to any network, yet you will still be able to wardrive.

To disable your TCP/IP stack in Windows XP (similar concept in other Windows OS), go to the Network Connections folder in the Control Panel and right-click on the applicable network adapter. Select Properties. In the Components section, uncheck the box next to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Look here for unbinding your TCP/IP stack in Macs and other operating systems.

To completely turn Wi-Fi off in Windows XP, left-click on the wireless network icon in the system tray and choose "Disable." This also removes the icon from the tray, so to turn Wi-Fi on again, open the Network Connections Control Panel (from the Start Menu), and then just double-click on your wireless connection to enable it again.

network prototcol window

road rage
Make Your Own USB Car Charger for Devices that Charge via USB

Here's a tutorial on how to make your own usb car charger for an iPod or other devices that charge via USB. Parts needed are: any car cell phone charger that has an output of 4.75v to 5.25v and a USB extension cable USB A/A M/F and an Apple iPod Dock Connector to FireWire and USB 2.0 Cable. Bookmark this page and return here for working links to the parts needed.

A more complex DIY project for a vehicular 5V power supply can be found here. There's a 9v battery powered portable USB charger that delivers a regulated 5 volts here.

Many 12-volt devices use a cigarette lighter plug that are of of poor quality and too bulky. Cut off that plug and repalce it with:

  • Anderson Powepoles
  • Flat wiping contact system (cleans the contacts every time you use them)
  • Interchangeable genderless design
  • Colored, modular housings
  • Polarized, so you can't hook things up wrong way
  • 15/30/45 amp contacts use the same housing

Go to Anderson Powerpole Ideas to find out more.

Shutdown Controller

Computers should not be turned off suddenly so you if you want to power down your PC safely when you turn the ignition off, see how to make a shutdown controller.

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