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Would you explain some of the Wi-Fi jargon?

A gateway refers to a device that takes a packet off one network and moves it to a second network that uses a different protocol and transmission medium. An example of this is moving local Ethernet packets onto the Internet. An access point has a circuit that is capable of moving wireless packets off the radio frequency (2.4Ghz) and onto a wired Ethernet network. It lacks the network address translation (NAT) and firewall features of a router. It simply broadcasts the signal as it comes in from the ISP. A router adds a DSL or cable modem port, an Ethernet hub and the ability to switch incoming packets (802.11, Ethernet or TCP/IP) to the proper outgoing channel. A router can act as firewall as well. A wireless bridge is a way to join two networks into one, such as when you have an Ethernet network in one room, and want to connect it some Ethernet devices in another room.

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Revised: 01/22/2007